Captain Ushindi Olonga

40'sh man; Abyzinian; dark skin; bald; black eyes; 6'8"; 265# (muscle)


Captain Olonga is one of the three men responsible for the new Slave Market. An Abyzinian sea captain who now resides in the Foreign Quarter, he has hired a captain to sail his ship and now spends most of his time in the city, making sure the Slave Market runs smoothly.

Although not an Abyzinian noble, Captain Olonga possess great wealth and comports himself with the dignity and sophistication typical of those of high Abyzinian birth.

He can often be found in the offices of the Slave Market or just outside that building observing the bidding.

Like any captain, he takes an active role in the business that goes on there. Of the three partners, he’s the only one whose identity is publicly know.


Captain Ushindi Olonga

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