Garrick (Status : Dead)


Garrick was a powerful necromancer in his own right when he decided to join with Barius almost 25 years ago. Garrick’s ability to manipulate and control skeletons and zombies made him very valuable to Barius.

Late in 1023 Garrick had a premonition that there was something wrong at the Bandit Lords’ fort at Symkin’s Lake. He decided to bring extra help. Unfortunately for Garrick, he was not a good tactician, because if he had been he would have used his forces in a better way instead of just getting off the barge.

The moment Garrick was 1/2 down the dock he was trapped in the spell Fekura’s Binding Fear, which left him entirely vulnerable to attack. The opposition then fired a volley of arrows and bolts at him. He died instantly. His skeleton knights fought until they were also destroyed.


Garrick (Status : Dead)

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