Lord Drake Saltbraid

A man who is short, stout, with a weatherbeaten face.


Drake Saltbraid overseas the Port Authority, the largest of the governmental offices in Elweir. Despite being a former sea captain, one raised to The Fifty only 15 years ago, Lord Saltbraid has little sympathy for captains, and even less sympathy for their complaints about the tax on ship owners.

Lord Saltbraid is far less polished and refined than his peers among The Fifty. He speaks his mind, and his language is blustery, liberally sprinkled with curses. His arguments with captains in the guild halls and the language he uses to express his opinions are legendary throughout Elweir. After each such encounter, common people spend the next week or so repeating Lord Saltbraid’s curses and oaths. Lord Saltbraid is fast friends with Lord Sandover Reed, and most consider Saltbraid to be the Exchequer’s right-hand-man.


Lord Drake Saltbraid

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