Prince Summerset

21 year old man w/ thick black hair, pale skin, and a fine featured face who is very handsome


Prince Summerset is the nineteenth ruler from his family, a reign that has spanned more than five hundred years. At 21, Summerset is a youthful man with thick black hair, pale skin, and a fine-featured face. Since he’s only reigned for three years, most of the populace doesn’t quite know what to make of him. However, he has held unbelievably extravagant Oron’s March celebrations – at the last one, in addition to throwing candies and sweetmeats into the crown, the marchers in the parade threw bits and rumor has it they even threw a small number of gold bars into the crowd. They were only small bars weighing two onces .. but when was the last time a man of Lowtown saw gold in any amount!

The extravagances have swayed many to love him, and he is handsome enough that no woman would turn him away. The fact that he’s a bachelor only increases the number of women fantasizing about the Prince secretly visiting them on Prince’s Day.

Those who don’t like the young Prince fall into two camps. One group feels he’s a cunning and conniving ruler who hides his wiles behind his handsome face and diverts blame for his machinations to his cabinet. This camp includes the river and sea captains. The other faction believes the Prince is merely a pawn on his cabinet – a figurehead for the real ruler of the city, whom the majority think is Lord Sandover Reed, the Royal Exchequer. This group includes most of the criminals in Elweir, who always see puppet masters and shadowy dealings behind everything.

Prince Summerset’s Family


Prince Summerset

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