Humanoid, fanged, clawed, black skin


A humanoid that is generally man sized or slightly larger. The Uruk-hai also tend to be physically stronger and ‘sturdier’ than the average man. The Uruk-hai are black skinned, have fangs and claws. They are ugly.

Orcs army attack 1

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Uruk-hai are said to be the result of ancient and hideous experimentation on humans by the Drindrish. The Drindrish wanted minions who were totally loyal to the Drindrish and could oversee the human slaves.

The Uruk-hai are a cruel and ruthless race.


Uruk-hai breathed harshly and deeply, and were enormously strong, tense creatures, top-heavy juggernauts with massive chest, neck, shoulder, and jaw development. They snarled and grimaced constantly.

Combat Style

They were lethal, instinctive fighters, much more dangerous than typical men-at-arms. They used their falchions and spiked shields pretty much interchangeably, smashing and bashing. Their defenses were power blocks – no finesse, no deflections, just brutal chops that could bounce an attacking weapon back the way it came. Sometimes they didn’t even bother to defend themselves; they just relied on their armor and moved straight into the attack. They would hammer and chop, and occasionally flip their swords around and use the back-spike to pinion an enemy, or gut them with the prongs on their shields.

Orc warrior 1
Orc closeup

Known History

The last time a large number of Uruk-hai were seen on Sarth was more than 500 years ago, when Sir Amgel and his companions lead a force of 500 heavy calvary against a Uruk-hai army numbering 2000. See The Legend of Sir Amgel

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