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  • Far Port

    Far Port is a lightly fortified village north east of [[Elweir | Elweir]]. It is the last outpost before you get close to [[Cavren's Demise]] and the [[Bandit Lord]]'s "Territory". Because of its location there is some trading that goes on between the …

  • Ootpure

    Community Size

    Ootpure is a medium sized village.


    * Self sustaining village * Few luxury items are useful


    * Tobacco ** Dried & unprocessed ** Cigars


    The people of Ootpure are …

  • Ashrake

    !(media-item-align-left){height:238px;width:358px}http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/104872/WoodlandVillage-small.jpg(Woodland village small)!West of [[Elweir | Elweir]], not far from the border of [[Romnal]], Ashrake is one of the larger farming …

  • Welldeep

    Welldeep is a small village of shepherds two days travel to the east of [[Elweir | Elweir]]. It's survived the rise of the [[Bandit Lord | Bandit Lord]]s for some reason, probably because it's too poor to attract the bandits' notice. The people of …

  • Haddonfield


    One of the key things about [[Haddonfield]] is that it has one of the few bridges that crosses over a tributary of the [[Mad River | Mad River]]. It is also close enough to where the tributary enters the [[Mad River | Mad River]] and …

  • Lonetree

    Community Size

    Lonetree is a small village


    Seasonal - in the summer nobles come here and the impoorts change: ale, mead, win, and brandy; and fancy food stuffs Remainder of the year - small amounts of ale, beer, and …

  • Largo

    Largo is a retired mercenary who has come to a very small village west of the Nylsen Forest. He took the three mercs that Fiona captured prisoner.

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