Abyzinian capital
Government : Magocracy/Bureaucracy
Ruler : Witch Queen Zenobia T’numbra
Capital : Sri Addis
Languages : Abyzinian, High Abyzinian
Arms/Symbols : Hawk in flight

A brief glance at the ancient history of Il-Ryveras reveals that vast empires, the might of which depended in large part on sorcery, once ruled the world. These sorcerous empires – Drindria and Elothia being the most well known – are long gone from Sarth, but such is not the case on Pelosa where Abyzinia still stands.

Abyzinia is the last of these great empires. All the rest have faded into history, toppled in the sweep of the millennia, but in Abyzinia’s capital the Witch Queen Zenobia T’numbra still rules, relying on her sorcery to maintain her power. Abyzinia is a nation out of the past, the oldest kingdom in the known world, it has a reputation for sophistication and cruelty, wisdom and ruthlessness, knowledge and decadence.

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Abyzinia Today
Abyzinian Land
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