Coins Depart

On one side of this road are gambling houses where men can dice, bet on a spin of the wheel of fortune, or play cards. On the other side are usurers and pawnbrokers, ever happy to lend a stake to a desperate fool who’s certain his bad luck must change for the better. Described below are a few of the places along the street.

The gang claiming Coin’s Depart as its own is the Shuffling Boys, who wear a crudely painted playing card pinned to their breasts. They learned long ago not to mug those on their way to gamble, since this brings down the wrath of the gambling houses; instead they earn a few bits making sure debtors pay what they own to the usurers.

The Celebrant
The Dice Hole
The Click-Clack
Ashram Fallow

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Coins Depart

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