Drindrish female mage 1Drindrish warrior 2They were described as dark-skinned and pale haired in appearance, around 5-feet tall and slight of build with somewhat sharp features, with large eyes and large pointed ears. Their equipment was made of the finest materials and was infused with magic. Females are inherently more powerful than males in the use of magic. Males were known for the fighting abilities and many were also users of magic. Drindrish were known to move silently and graceful quickness, even when wearing their armor, and blend into shadows with ease.

Drindrish carried long daggers and short swords made of an unnatural alloy (only found on Drindria) and short bows which shoot arrows ‘smeared’ with a poison that causes unconsciousness.

Drindrish were also highly resistant magic cast by other mages.

Drindrish queen 1Drindrish noble 1Drindrish tended to be a matriarchal society. This is due to the fact that most females were more adept at magic. They also were more cunning and manipulative. Because of Drindrish’s long life many of these rulers lasted centuries and occasion a millennium.


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