Priest Templates


Can only have 15 points worth of magic and will need to substitute skills, perks and talents for the 15 points in the original template.


It is recommended that the contemplative priest consider having a ‘side profession’ (Friar Tuck was a beekeeper and brewer of Mead) or be of the Noble class or be a well ‘educated’ (lots of knowledge skills).


It is recommended the crusading priest increase other skills, perks and talents in the existing package. The demon hunter option is available but instead of 10 points of magical powers the character can take additional presence attacks against demons.


Druids cannot initially buy Beast master, Druidic Shape Changing or Grove Power.


Shamans cannot initially buy Spirit Travel or Totem Animal Power.


All Characters that take a priest template have the ability to make Potion of Healing (7 points) and/or Salve of Wound-Knitting (9 points). The character must also have knowledge skills potion brewing and herb lore in order to create these potions. They must make successful rolls in both knowledge skills before attempting a faith roll when they brew the actual potion.

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Priest Templates

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