The continent of Sarth has a very diverse geography, landscape and set of cultures. One thing binds all the men of Sarth together and that is the history of what the Drindrish did to humanity for thousands upon thousands of years. The empire of Valdoria history is directly tied to the downfall of the Drindrish.

Currently Valdoria is ruled by Emperor Alric the Unmoved. East of Valdoria is the city-state of Elweir. Elweir is a major city along the coast and provides the main entrance for trade from Abyzinia.

To the east and south of Elweir lies the Nylsen Forest. The Nylsen Forest is a wild and unpopulated area on the continent of Sarth. There are stories still being told about strange creatures that live in the forest.

Farther east of the Nylsen Forest are the Cynthian Plains which are controlled by Cynthian Riders. There are legends telling about ruins from a previous empire that use to control the entire Cynthian Plains and beyond. This empire was known for its magic, armor and weapons making.

The Serpentine (Cynthian Plains) has its headwaters in the area of the Three Fingers. The Three Fingers is a war torn state where many “Lords” fight for control of the entire Three Fingers.

Along The Smoldering Sea lies the confederate states of Graecoria. While known for their wine, oil and crafts, Graecorians are also known as atheists. This is a concept which is completely foreign to almost everyone else on Il-Ryveras.

The kingdom of Amyklai is the frozen lands south of The Serpentine (Cynthian Plains) and The Cold Peaks. Amyklai has developed a unique solution to the yearly invasion of the barbarians from Crumble. Amyklai has developed a society around the development of an elite fighting force. This fighting force is known throughout Sarth as having the best fighting men on the continent.

The Crumble is an area filled with many islands. It is inhabited by barbarians. When the ice forms on the Iceswept Ocean hordes of barbarians storm into Amyklai and to a lesser degree The Heartland of Valdoria.

The island of Drindria is where the dreaded Drindrish came from and controlled their human slaves from. The few who have visited and returned from Drindia are raving lunatics claiming to have seen all sorts of monsters.

Finally there is the island nation of Ureth-Kalai. There is nothing known about Ureth-Kalai except that no one returns from a visit to this island nation.

Travel on Sarth consists of barge, horse, mule train, stagecoach, wagon train and foot. (Details on travel speeds and distances can be found at Travel Times)

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