The Click-Clack

On the first floor of this two story building are the wheels of fortune. The eight wheels are near the walls, and each is painted with six colors: large triangles of blues, red, green, and yellow, each of which covers a little less than a fourth of the wheel; and smaller slivers of black and white, each of which covers a sixteenth of the wheel.

Nails poke out along the edge of the wheel, and when the wheel man spins the wheel, a slender piece of wood clacks against the nail, slowing the wheel down. In front of the wheel is a board set on two empty barrels, and painted on the board are circles matching the colored circles, and the winner is the one who guesses correctly which color the slender piece of wood stops on.

A gambler can bet a single color which pays 4-to-1; black and white which pays 6-to-1; or black or white which pays 8-to-1.

On the second floor of the Click Clack are round wooden slabs set on barrels to create tables for playing cards. To ‘rent’ a table cost 4 sp per day.

The Click-Clack

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