The Colossus of the North

Marking the northern border of Elweir, just beyond Gibberish, is an immense statue that straddles The Serpentine River (Elweir City). The river narrows unnaturally here to four hundred feet (60") wide and the statue is from his knees to his upraised arm, a thousand feet (152") tall – so tall that as the sun passes through the sky, it casts the shadow of the Colossus across the northern parts of Elweir.

The statue depicts a kneeling man, one knee planted on the east bank, the other on the west. The man is obviously in pain, and his head strains to look upwards, as if he wishes to see heaven. One arm is raised above him and encircling the man are two gigantic serpents. The whole status is of a material similar to bronze but much stronger, and inscribed on the bases on either side of the river in a maxim written in archaic Abyzinian. Though few Elweirians can read the text all know what it says “Main rises, only to fall.”

No modern man could make such an immense status, and like the Founding Stone Bridge, no records tell of the statue’s creators (although every bard has a story or three about its creation, where the creators run the gamut from the The Old Gods to the Drindrish, to the race of men that preceded the current inhabitants of Il-Ryveras – a race nearly godlike in its abilities and magic). The Abyzinians claim their ancestors constructed the statues at the beginning of the age and their rule, Zenobia T’numbra knows its purpose.

Far to the south, straddling the Clashing Channel that leads from The Smoldering Sea to the Iceswept Ocean is a second colossus called the The Colossus of the South. The The Colossus of the South depicts a man wreathed in flames, and rumor says its base has the same inscription.

The Colossus of the North

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