The Undead

The following text was wrest from the dead hands of the Necromancer Drakul the self proclaimed lord of the People of the night following his defeat at the foot hills of the Nightlurk mountains in 500 AR. It contains several passages related to the creation of the undead as well as general strengths and weaknesses. However, in an effort to prevent the rise of more necromancer lords we have left out the exact rituals relating to their creation and have focused on analyzing their abilities.

Skeletons and Zombies

Zombies are the weakest of the undead and the least useful in my studies I have found them to be slower, weaker than normal undead in addition they carry the foul stench of rotting flesh it just not that appetizing. Now skeletons on the other hand are far more useful not only do they possess the abilities of zombies they has a few extra advantages of their own. Because they use magic instead of flesh to hold their bones together they can move faster they can also lift more and because of this they are capable of being armored. However, both skeletons and zombies are a basic undead and lack the strength of many other types of undead.

To read more consult the Skeletons and Zombies section of this text.


In my studies I have found a few undead that are not controllable, one of these types is the ghoul. It is not possible for a necromancer to create a ghoul, they are created by some kind of disease which is passed from a ghoul to another living being. A single ghoul is not a threat, even to a common guard. A single solid blow to a ghoul’s head will almost always kill the ghoul. The problem is that you hardly ever encounter a single ghoul.

To read more consult the Ghouls section of this text.


The Lich is possibly the most powerful and potent of the undead the only undead potentially stronger are vampires. A necromancer makes the decision to become a Lich and has gained the gift of true immortality but at the cost of their flesh. The necromancer retains their skills and intelligence. However, my limited studies on the subject suggest that going mad is a very real danger because an eternal life is not always what it appears to be.

To read more consult the Liches section of this text.


Vampires are among the greatest of the undead and of all the undead they are the ones I have been unable to study because of their fondness for human blood, and since I am not yet a Lich (I still would like to conclude my studies before becoming one) I would find myself food for any vampires I attempt to learn from. It is because of a vampires inability to control their impulses that I have been unable to find an amicable vampire to study.

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Ghosts are one of the few undead that we necromancers find impossible to control not only is the ritual to summon one immensely time consuming and exhausting, but mispronouncing a single word of the invocation can result in the creation of a vengeful ghost who wishes to control you.

To read more consult the Ghosts section of this text.


Wraiths are perhaps the most deadly of the undead. They are not controllable but they can be bargained with. They were powerful men who were either wizards or had such a strong personality that they attracted powerful evil beings which then transformed these individuals powerful undead at the price of their soul. In fact I have created three wraiths. I did this by creating magical items, which the men I gave them to accepted in exchange for their souls. They eventually became wraiths. With our combined power and my lesser minions I will soon gain complete control of the lands just south of the Nightlurk mountains allowing my easy conquest of whole of Abyzinia.

To read more consult the Wraiths section of this text.

Mummies and Barrow-wights

I have grouped these undead together because they fulfill the same purpose to protect a graveyard against the incursions of another necromancer. And although one will prove to be little trouble for a fully fledged mage, in mass they can easily overwhelm even the most powerful necromancer.

To read more consult the Mummies and Barrow-wrights section of this text.

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The Undead

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