Wickshine's Inn

Wickshine’s Inn is the last establishment in the village of Wickshine. Wickshine at one point was known for it’s peach orchards and famous for its brandy. While the whole town has fallen into disrepair the Wickshine’s Inn is still up and running.

The “Wick” has a small staff: the two proprietors, Abel Still and Dorothea Still, and three young orphans. Rarely crowded, the staff has little trouble providing good service to the lodgers. The staff is very good at preparing excellent meals, keeping a clean in and making visiting travelers feel at home.

The orphans, Usta Fingle, Jinny Fingle, & Aved Kidly, all arrived the same night together about two years ago. They were half starved, lost, and almost naked. The Stills took them in and have treated them as their own children ever since.

Rooms (1 night)
Room w/ bunks (4 people) – 1 sp
Single w/ double bed – 2 sp
Single w/ 1 bed – 5 sp

Bread – Gratis
Haunch of Lamb – 4 cp
Lamb Chop – 2 cp
Leek Soup (Bowl) – 1 cp
Rabbit – 1 cp

Ale – 2 cp
Ale, Dark – 4 cp
Mead – 1 sp
Red Wine – 1 sp

Wickshine's Inn

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