6'7" 220# Brown hair & eyes


Barius is from Abyznia. He is a magician of great power. He killed Darkarus‘s cousin in a magician’s duel. Darkarus’s family used their diplomatic and government connections to have a warrant put out for Barius. Barius left Abyznia with most of his magical items, supplies, followers, wealth and a plan to one day return.


Barius Information


  • Looks like he is in his 50’s actually about 100
  • Master of sorcery—- when in his 40’s
  • Master of wizardry – in his 40’s
  • Master of necromancy – in his 60’s many followers left b/c of this


He is very power hungry, strong with magic and willing to take a long time waited a year before taking any noticeable action the raids on the Cynthians.

Player Tactics

  • Our best course of action is to stop his operations like at Hellmouth
  • Allowing him to regain power will bring magic back to Valdoria

Tri-T Organization

  • Has had many apprentices
  • Had a large following of wizards
  • The group was called the Tri-T
  • Terror
  • Tribute
  • Truculent (eager to argue/fight aggressively defiant

Has had business interests

  • Small shipping fleet
  • Worked in
  • Gems
  • Precious metals
  • Lumber
  • Live stock

Potential motives

  • Kill my family
  • Destroy the Abyzinian government
  • Take over here (Valdoria is seen as weak however if/when they finish conquering their continent they will eventually look beyond the sea to Abyzinia).

Time Line

  • Month 0
    Duel between Barius and my cousin
  • Month 1
    The courts force Barius to his stronghold
  • Month 4
    Exiled and anyone can kill him (many tried)
  • Month 9
    I learn of the duel and subsequent information
  • Month 10
    Large group of adventures 20+ and men/women at arms storm the fortress only stopped by a horde of skeletons and worst…
    Barius 6 apprentices and 50 bodyguards escape picking up more troop on the way to the coast sailed away with most of his valued magical items
    The ships were ready to leave
  • Month 22
    His ships were seen in Elweir
    The goods unloaded in barges and shipped up river in barges
  • Month 24
    A duel between the Abyzinian Navy and 2 of Barius’ ships
    Abyzinian Navy lost 2 ships 1 was rammed and skeletons poured into the breach
    Barius lost 1 ship
    Lots of magic
  • Month 30
    The last time one of Barius’ ships was seen in Elweir


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