Lierin Ysabeau Conghaile

Tallish woman, slight build, attractive & commanding presence, armed with rapier & parrying dagger, flaming red hair


Lierin is the only daughter of a minor baron in the southern part of the continent. She first learned to fight as a sparring partner for her youngest brother. The two older boys were already training partners … and what with annual invasions by barbarians, it does help if women know some things about swords and fighting. All of that was fine and good in her younger years. However, as she came of age, her father (Baron Liam Tristan Conghaile) attempted to direct her to more lady-like pursuits — particularly into an arranged marriage with a much older man primarily for property and family connections (although there was even more arranging in the arrangement than that!). Being far too independent to conform, Lierin ran off shortly before her wedding day and is seeking to arrange her own life to her own liking.

Items of Note

Lierin Ysabeau Conghaile

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