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  • The Founding of Horses

    When Cynthia had only just created the world and placed men upon it they were so spread out that it took moons to get to one another. People starved from lack of food, because they could not grow enough. Likewise other people had food that rotted because …

  • Warsong

    _by Mercedes Lackey (Shin'a'nin Warsong)_ Gold the down-sun spreads his wings Follow where the East-wind sings Brothers, sisters, side by side, To defend our home we ride! Eyes of Hawks the borders see– Watchers, guard it carefully Let no …

  • Cynthian Legends and Lore

    * [[The Founding of Horses | The Founding of Horses]] * [[The Elothian Duchess]] * [[The Creation]] * [[The Fall of the Empire]]
    Songs and Ballads
    * [[Fiona's Lament]] * [[Running Free]] * [[The Hunt is On]] * [[Snow …

  • Fiona

    Fiona’s mom was the druid of a group of Cynthia Plains Riders, called the Owl of Life. The reason that the group is called that is because once in the middle of a blizzard, many hundreds of winters ago, a owl appeared and showed the group where to set up …

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