1024 VA Heir's Month 14 Gazette


  • Art Contest sponsored by the Fifty
  • Brewers in Lowtown are doing well
  • Bridget’s Leather Armor is doing poorly


  • Arson occured Foreign Quarter
  • Assault occured in Worm’s Hole
  • Blackmail occured in Gold’s Reside
  • Burglary occured The Holy One’s Wine Shop
  • Embezzlement occured in Uphill West
  • Extortion occured in Worm’s Hole
  • Forgery occured in Snake’s Den
  • Kidnapping occured in Snake’s Den
  • Manslaughter occured in Gibberish
  • Murder occured in Worm’s Hole
  • Offense to the Prince occured in Gibberish
  • Robbery occured The Vault
  • Theft occured Laborer’s Tools
  • Vandalism occured Abyzinian Night


  • City wide Curfew from 8 p.m. until 5 a.m.
  • Temporary restriction on goats in The Kneel
  • Temporary restriction on heavy loads in Snake’s Den


  • Arrival of important ambassador from Abyzinia
  • Conspiracy occured in Snake’s Den
  • Holding Court
  • Investigation of worshippers of the New Gods
  • Winter Balls


  • Barge from Fort Bain to Elweir
  • Barge from Green River to Elweir
  • Caravan from Lionspride Castle to Elweir
  • Caravan from Lonetree to Elweir
  • Caravan from Elweir to Lionspride Castle
  • Caravan from Elweir to Lonetree
  • Caravan from Elweir to Ootpure
  • Caravan from Elweir to Red Water
  • Ship from Amyklai to Elweir
  • Ship from Elweir to Shaya
  • Ship from Elweir to The Middlemarch
  • Ship from Elweir to Zothedris
  • Ship from Naraat to Elweir
  • Ship from Port Haven to Elweir
  • Ship from Rastilla to Elweir
  • Ship from Revanna to Elweir
  • Ship from Sri Addis to Elweir
  • Ship from The Heartland to Elweir
  • Ship from Zothedris to Elweir


  • Hail Storms


  • Rumors from Far Port are that a large number of Bandits have moved into town. They supposedly are working with the local militia.

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1024 VA Heir's Month 14 Gazette

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