Hermitage of the Deep

A lesser known location in County of Sincerre is Hermitage of the Deep. Hermitage of the Deep is known as a place where those who are either deeply spiritual, troubled, or curious go to help find their way.

Interestingly enough it is not part of the normal hierarchy of the church. On occasion ‘church officials’ have tried to shut it down. For reasons that are not understood they have never been able to come close to shutting down the Hermitage of the Deep.

Another unusual fact about the Hermitage of the Deep is that no one knows exactly what is meant by “the Deep”. Those who have been there will not say. As most outsiders have little interest in going or knowing more drop the topic.

The road that leads from Worm Haven to the Hermitage of the Deep is more of a mule trail, rather than a road. It is about 1/2 days ride from Worm Haven. On the way it is not unusual to have an occasional merchant with a few mules heading up or down the road. There are always a few ‘pilgrims’ traveling to or from the Hermitage of the Deep.

Eventually the road ends and you find yourself facing an enormous hedge row that stretches for miles in either direction. You would guess that it is at least 30’ high and you have no idea how thick. Climbing on it would be foolish as it is covered with 1 to 3 inch thorns.

Hermitage of the Deep

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