The Creation

In the beginning there was nothing. Nothing save for Cynthia. Cynthia rose with the sun from a deep sleep. The sun spread it’s life over nothing. Cynthia decided to make something to walk on, to grow things on. The land was well and fertile. Then she became hungry. She didn’t know how to make a living thing so she sat down and cried. Thinking of green and leafy things. As her tears fell, plants and trees grew. Cynthia realized that all she had to do was think of what she wanted and give part of herself and they would form. Cynthia ate and was full. She soon became cold. She thought of animals with thick hides of fur and pulled some of her hairs to give to the earth and all manners of animals were formed. She created air so they could breathe. Night so they could rest. Some of the animals were afraid of the sun and would not go out in day so Cynthia took a white stone and placed it in the sky opposite of the sun so they could see.

Cynthia then decided to make different sections of land. They would be separated water. The biggest bodies were called oceans. There were also seas, lakes and rivers. The animals were happy, but Cynthia noticed that there was nothing in the sky or the water. She took some seeds of the first harvest and mix them with her tears. She put the mixture in her palm and blew it into the sky. Birds of all colors and sizes were created. Birds mostly eat seeds because that is what they came from. In the sea, she cut off most of her hair. Fish were formed and spread out. Now there were living things everywhere, but Cynthia was still sad. She had many children, but not one looked like her. She went by the river that curved next to a forest and the plains. She found this malleable earth. She took it and formed a creature that looked like her. A women. Then she made one to be the women’s mate. A man. Cynthia created 5 more of each, male and female. They lived happily together. One of the women Cynthia granted with dreams. The woman’s name was Druid. From then all those who are blessed with dreams are called Druid’s.

One day Druid dropped her staff in the river where they had been created and lived by. The staff turned into a snake and bit Druid. Druid died and her apprentice became the new druid. From then on they called the river The Serpentine (Cynthian Plains) and they feared snakes. Their decedents still live on the plains and are named after Cynthia. They are Cynthians.

Cynthia created other people in other locations. Other gods drove her out. When she had come back to her original 12 people they had become innumerable and had created cities and an empire: Elothia. She ordered her people to tear down their cities, become nomadic, and return to the plains. They did so and have never built a building again.

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The Creation

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