The Deep

Surrounding The Deep is a rock wall about 10’ high. There appears to be a path that leads to The Deep proper. But from the edge it is impossible to see what is below. If one listens very carefully it is possible to hear the sound of water moving. Not rapid or violent movement but movement none the less. At the entrance there is always an attendant or two here. They will ask anyone who wishes to head down to The Deep “Have you been here at least three days? Have you been through at least two labyrinths since you have been here?” If the answer to these questions is no then the response would be “You may proceed if you wish but you will not benefit from your time in the Deep because you haven’t prepared yourself. Going to the Deep first and then visiting the labyrinths can be done with a return to the Deep, but you will not receive the same benefit as going through preparation first.”

As you walk down a spiral path you plunge deeply below the surface. As you go down you feel cool air move past you. There is a scent of flowers and fruit that also comes up from below. It takes you about an hour to realize how far you have gone down to realize that you have at least another hour of walking to go.

At the half way point there are places to rest and clean water coming from a spring.

When you reach the bottom you see there is a crystal clear lake of water. The lake water is the color of pure turquoise. In fact if you look deeply into the lake you will see a faint glow of turquoise light coming from below. You see that the lake empties off to the south underground. The area underground has a glow of turquoise light coming from it. You can hear there is water flowing that way. You also hear voices in that direction.

If you head that way you will find a large stream flowing off the lake down into the underground. There are also pools of water that are deep enough to wade up to the shoulders of a human male. There are people in the pools of water.

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The Deep

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