The Middlemarch

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This long stretch of gently rolling hills and rich farmland lies between the Frontier and the Heartland. The people of the Middlemarch lack both the sophistication and history of the those in the Heartland and the rugged qualities of those in The Frontier – they’re a simple, industrious folk who have lived in peace for hundreds of years. Whatever squabbles occur between their rulers are rarely more than a war of words over this natural resource, that border, or some perceived slight. The main industries of the Middlemarch are herding and farming, and in many ways it is the breadbasket of the Empire.

Nine provinces make up the Middlemarch. To most Elweirnians these are little more than names on a map… or, more commonly, names of a type of ale that’s unusually good (and unusually expensive). And to the inhabitants of Middlemarch, Elweir might as well be a city in the Nether Realms where demons frolic and play – on the rare occasions that a man from the Middlemarch meets an Elweirnian, he looks for scaly skin and a forked tongue only partly in jest.

Middlemarch 1The nine Middlemarch provinces are: the Counties of Adelard (famous for its wheat beer), Fierland (famous for its linen), Tiergon (famous for it’s barley ale), and Wensel (famous for the arrogance of its Count, who claims to be a descendant of Valdor); the Baronies of Baleur (infamous for its suspected relations with Romnal), Cinlerre (famous for its temple to Kypris, where if a person gazes deeply into the reflecting pool he will see his true love… or true enemy), and Monlarre (famous for its apple orchards and brandy); and the Duchies of Piedlyn (famous for the beauty of its women and supposedly the birthplace of Valdor’s first mistress, Revanna) and Querlan (famous for its dark ale).

The rulers of these provinces are always eager for word concerning Romnal‘s most recent actions, but none of them have made a decision on the matter. For one thing, they don’t realize the size of Duke Lothar Coeur presence in Elweir. For another, on the surface – Valdoria coming to the aid of Elweir because of the Bandit Lord’s, and teaching the city about virtue and worships of The Old Gods – the Duke seems to have made the right decision.

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The Middlemarch

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