Government : Hereditary monarchy
Ruler : Alric the Unmoved
Capital : Revanna
Languages : Valdorian
Resources : Farming, Craft work, Mining
Arms/Symbols : A Broken Chain

In a world of darkness and chaos, Valdoria is a beacon of light and order. It is an empire where man has thrown off the tyranny of despots and the oppression of sorcery to live justly and worship the Old Gods as is right and proper – where the Emperor can converse with his lowliest subject, and the lowliest subject can meet the eyes of his Emperor and speak truthfully, for both are freemen and the children of Pythos, and though they are far different in station, they are the same in nature, origin, and faith. Valdoria is mankind’s finest achievement not because of the splendor of its cities, the wealth of its inhabitants, its ancient heritage, or the intellect and sophistication of its inhabitants, but because in Valdoria men live free of oppressors, whether they be the inhuman masters of the past, men who try to emulate those inhuman masters, or sorcerers who use their unnatural power to terrorize and harm. In Valdoria all men are free and none must live in fear.

Or at least, Valdoria was mankind’s finest achievement. Though what’s said above has held true for nearly a thousand years, even great Valdoria is succumbing to the plight of a world where the gods have departed. Though Valdoria’s inhabitants remain law-abiding and god-fearing, war and chaos bite at the Empire’s edges and degeneracy lurks in its heart.

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