Valdoria Today

Today, Valdoria stands on a precipice. The events of the next few years will decide its fate.

Degeneracy and decadence hold the Emperor in their strangling grip. Valdorians consider Oron the Conciliator a saintly man but his Tour, which ended in a truce instead of conquest, was the beginning of the end for a custom that had kept Valdoria peaceful and united. The ultimate result of Oron’s peaceful gesture is Alric the Unmoved, an Emperor so different from his ancestors that many think he’s but a pretender to the imperial blood.

Grossly obese and obscenely lazy, Alric resides in Valdor’s Seat, the castle that’s the center of government for Valdoria. He hasn’t stepped foot from that grand fortress since the earliest days of his reign. But his son, also named Alric, is something else – a broad shouldered, thick-thewed man who loves war and warfare, the violence of the clash and the company of warriors. Alric the Younger seems, at least in appearance and words, to have stepped out of the sagas of Valdor, and every rumor speaks to the son’s intention of returning the custom of the Tour when he rules as Emperor.

The provinces that make up the Empire, especially those on The Frontier, grow increasingly independent. The Duchy of Romnal is the worst offender because of its treaty with Elweir. But that said, the character of the Valdorians, both freeman and noble, hasn’t changed. They still faithfully worship the The Old Gods, still enforce the rule of law, and still value their freedom above all else. It is to this character that most pin their hopes for Valdoria’s future.

Valdorian Nobility

  1. Emperor
  2. Viceroy
  3. Duke
  4. Count
  5. Baron
  6. Baronet
  7. Knight

Valdoria Today

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