1023 VA Cowards's Month 14 Gazette


Slayer of Women has been captured, tried and executed!

In a dramatic turn of events it was discovered that Dr. Akitu Itu was the Slayer of Women. This reporter has found out the investigation was lead by a mysterious man known as Darkarus. He followed Dr. Akitu Itu into The Underfoot Path all the way back to Dr. Akitu Itu torture chamber. Darkarus then contacted his friends and Malik Rotwell who made a dramatic arrest that included Darkarus and Cynthian warrior chasing Dr. Akitu Itu into The Underfoot Path while everyone else headed for the place they thought Dr. Akitu Itu would emerge.

When Dr. Akitu Itu was captured he had two broken arms and an arrow in his buttocks.

After a trial in [[Gold’s Reside | Gold’s Reside]] where dramatic evidence, including personal effects from Dr. Akitu Itu’s victims and his own diary, Dr. Akitu Itu was found guilty.

Dr. Akitu Itu‘s execution was held Hawker’s Square to insure the greatest number of witnesses. Dr. Akitu Itu was put on the rack, cut, castrated and then eviscerated. Dr. Akitu Itu never cried out and his final words were “You don’t know where they all are….”

Dr. Akitu Itu’s body was cremated and the remains, along with many of his personal effects where taken by ship to the Gulf of Blue Waters and sunk to the bottom of the ocean in a steal chest full of stones and lead.

Fire in [[Snake’s Den | Snake’s Den]]
  1. A barge loaded with supplies for the forts Duke Lothar Coeur’s men was sunk in The Serpentine (Cynthian Plains). Nearby a wall was painted with “Duke Go Home. Unwelcome Visitors.” It took over a week to perform the salvage and clear that part of the river.
Piracy on The Serpentine (Cynthian Plains)

There has been an increase of piracy south on The Serpentine (Cynthian Plains). Barge captains are hiring more “marines” to protect their cargoes. Most pirate attacks have only been interested certain supplies and valuables. There have been few injuries or deaths. Only two barges have been sunk. Both were shipping goods to the forts that Duke Lothar Coeur‘s men are building along The Serpentine (Cynthian Plains). Although other barges carrying supplies for Duke Lothar Coeur’s men have made it to the forts.

Commercial News

  1. A ship from Ureth-Kalai came to port last week. Two very large crates were loaded onto the ship. The ship’s captain took 30 slaves on board. The Port Authority would not allow anyone from the Ureth-Kalai ship to leave the ship. All transactions were done on board ship.
  2. Barge traffic on both The Serpentine (Cynthian Plains) and The Worm River (Elweir City) have increased, which is normal for this time of year. There have been a number of acts of piracy along the The Serpentine (Cynthian Plains). See Piracy
  3. A great deal of iron ore is coming from County of Sincerre. The miners have recently found a new vein of iron.
Uphill West
  1. The Carry n’ Crawler has moved from Lowtown to Uphill West. Maybe this reporter can visit and write a review of this establishment now that it is a respectable part of town.
  1. A new tavern opened in the old location of the Carry n’ Crawler called the Bar Corvo.


  1. The Duchy of Elan
    1. All weapons made in the Duchy are being bought up by the local lords. This is driving up the price for high quality weapons because the weapons made in Duchy of Elan are considered some of the finest weapons in The Frontier.
    2. Lords in the Duchy of Elan are recruiting men of arms and fighting men. This has caused the number of available guards/warriors in Elweir to drop significantly. Accordingly The price to hire a guard has gone up.


  1. Some villages past Haddonfield on the Mad River have not been heard from all summer long.
  2. The Pelran Family has a new advisor. He is the same advisor being used by the Ubund Family.

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1023 VA Cowards's Month 14 Gazette

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