1023 VA Emancipator's Month 14 Gazette


Commercial News
  1. A ship from Ureth-Kalai came to port last week. Two very large crates were loaded onto the ship. The ship’s captain took 30 slaves on board.
  2. The Colorful Smoke reports there has been a sharp increase in business since there have been no more strange deaths attributed to the Quiet Smoke.
  3. Barge traffic on both The Serpentine (Cynthian Plains) and The Worm River (Elweir City) have increased, which is normal for this time of year.
  4. Winter wheat grain shipments have been increasing along The Worm River (Elweir City). The harvest this year is higher than last year’s harvest.
  5. The strawberry season was spectacular this year. Taverns and eateries report their sales of strawberry desserts was higher than last year.


Uphill West

Residents of Uphill West are agitating that the local guard do more to stop thieves from Lowtown stealing in Uphill West. They want the practice of maiming thieves when they are caught to be the regular practice rather than accepting a bribe.

Slayer of Women
  1. Victim’s families have put together a large reward to find the killer.
    1. Pelran Family is offering a reward for the capture and conviction of the killer of their daughter Elance Pelran who was found dead during Philosopher’s Month
    2. The wife of a merchant from Gibberish was found dead by the river. She was killed in the same manner as other women have been.
  2. Victims
    1. Two unidentified women were found dead. One was in Gibberish and the other was found in Lowtown.
    2. A young woman, who worked as a barmaid at The Copper Coins, was found dead in Lowtown near the river.
  3. Response in town
    1. There was a mob last week that cornered a man the mob suspected of being the killer. They thought he was a the killer because he carried a number of large sharp knives and had blood stains on his shirt. Fortunately the guard intervened because the man was actually a worker at a slaughterhouse in Lowtown.
    2. The local guard is ‘questioning’ all young men (15 to 25) to see if they are involved. The guard has also been confiscating any knives, daggers or other short blades from anyone suspicious.
Fire in [[Snake’s Den | Snake’s Den]]
  1. A barge loaded with supplies for the forts Duke Lothar Coeur’s men was sunk in The Serpentine (Cynthian Plains). Nearby a wall was painted with “Duke Go Home. Unwelcome Visitors.” It took over a week to perform the salvage and clear that part of the river.
Piracy on The Serpentine (Cynthian Plains)

There has been an increase of piracy south on The Serpentine (Cynthian Plains). Barge captains are hiring more “marines” to protect their cargoes.

  1. Villages along the Mad River have the plague
  2. The Ubund Family has a new advisor. This reporter has not yet meet the gentleman but has heard that he is a very wise man.
  3. Sir Fleming Esprit recently found his family crest and seal after they had been missing for months.

1023 VA Emancipator's Month 14 Gazette

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