1023 VA False Emperor's Month 14 Gazette


  • Robbery occurred Snake’s Den
  • Robbery occurred Worm’s Hole
  • Burglary occurred Blindman’s Book Shop
  • Robbery occurred Uphill West
  • Offense to the Prince occurred in Snake’s Den
  • Theft occurred Slim Necks Strums and Drums
  • Theft occurred The Canals

Commercial News

  • Caravan from Elweir to Wickshine Inn
  • Ship from Valdoria to Elweir
  • Caravan from Red Water to Elweir
  • Dyers in Gibberish are doing very well
  • Tailor’s have a normal number of products


  • Civil Unrest Tharestan
  • Death/Illness of minor noble in Querlan
  • Bandit Raids


  • Hurricane hit North and West of Elweir


  1. Some villages past Haddonfield on the Mad River have not been heard from all summer long.

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1023 VA False Emperor's Month 14 Gazette

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