1023 VA Law-Maker's Month 14 Gazette


Commercial News
  1. Caravans passing between Elweir and Far Port continue to travel unmolested.
  2. New tavern opens in Lowtown called the Carry n’ Crawler, right off of The Princes Roads and near Gibberish.
  3. New merchant caravan set off to the north and returned with a heavy load from the north.
  4. The Port Authority at Caravan’s Rest is reporting that they are short in their taxes. A full investigation has started.
  5. Taverns and Inns are preparing for The Revel
Dr. Akitu Itu
  1. Continues to do good work around town
  2. He has reportedly been seen with a number of The Fifty’s eligible young ladies.
Monster found in sewers of Lowtown
  1. An intrepid band of adventurers found a killed a giant demon worm. The beast is reported to be over 30 feet long and had a maw that was 8 feet in diameter. It is rumored that two members of the party were killed by it foul breath, acidic spit and large teeth. The other members were able to kill it. What the adventurers were doing in the sewers of Lowtown is anyone’s guess. But this reporter has heard they were in search of tower of one of the Founders.


Uphill West

Residents of Uphill West are agitating that the local guard do more to stop thieves from Lowtown stealing in Uphill West. They want the practice of maiming thieves when they are caught to be the regular practice rather than accepting a bribe.

Quiet Smoke
  1. Killings are closing smoke shops around town
  2. Victims are ‘smothered’ – not choked, strangled, or cut
  3. New victims are being found smothered on foggy nights
Slayer of Women
  1. A prostitute was found last week dead by the river. Although not highly unusual, she was naked and all of her internal organs had been removed. She also looked like she had been tortured. Some people believe this the work of demon; or mage; or an ancient evil that was disturbed by the work the Duke’s men have been doing; or maybe one of the Duke’s men; or Lord Rape. This reporter believes that this is the work of the sailors on board a Ureth-Kalai ship. Unfortunately the ship set sail before the body was found.
  1. Pelran Family, a member of The Fifty, is reporting that their daughter is missing.
  2. Goods stolen from caravans are showing up in Hawker’s Square
  3. Bandits have been raiding food stores lately
  4. Villages along the Mad River have the plague
  5. Uril Family is trying to find out why Tiran Uril was executed by Malik Rotwell five years ago for theft and murder.
  6. It is said that there is an uneasy truce between outlying communities and the Bandit Lords
  7. Looking to hire someone for discrete work

1023 VA Law-Maker's Month 14 Gazette

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