1023 VA Philospher's Month 14 Gazette


Commercial News
  1. The Revel this year has been more successful than others in the past. Taverns and Inns report a brisk business. The Carry n’ Crawler, a tavern in Lowtown, is rumored to have the best entertainment outside of establishments in [[Snake’s Den | Snake’s Den]].
  2. Caravans passing between Elweir and Far Port continue to travel unmolested.
  3. The Port Authority at Caravan’s Rest is reporting that they are short in their taxes. They are reporting they are close to identifying the merchants who shorted the Port Authority in taxes.


Uphill West

Residents of Uphill West are agitating that the local guard do more to stop thieves from Lowtown stealing in Uphill West. They want the practice of maiming thieves when they are caught to be the regular practice rather than accepting a bribe.

Quiet Smoke
  1. There have been no more strange deaths at smoke shops in town since our last report.
Slayer of Women
  1. Elance Pelran, a beautiful 20 year old woman and member of the Pelran Family, went missing on the 12th of Law-Maker’s Month. Her body was found at the beginning of The Revel, early in the morning near the Fishmonger’s Perch. She had been killed like the other women have been. The Pelran Family is offering a reward.
  2. Another prostitute was found last week dead by the river. She was killed in the same manner as other women have been.
Piracy on The Serpentine (Cynthian Plains)

There has been an increase of piracy south on The Serpentine (Cynthian Plains). Barge captains are hiring more “marines” to protect their cargoes.

  1. Goods stolen from caravans are showing up in Hawker’s Square
  2. Villages along the Mad River have the plague
  3. It is said that there is an uneasy truce between outlying communities and the Bandit Lords

1023 VA Philospher's Month 14 Gazette

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