Abyzinia History

General History

The Abyzinians claim their kingdom was founded at the beginning of time by a man named L’naren who was a stranger to the land – not a man of Sarth, but one who came from a different world entirely. The histories are clear on this point: he was a mortal man (though a powerful sorcerer), not some supernatural being…but he came form outside this world.
L’naren did not stay in his now kingdom long He taught his heir the arts of sorcery and then departed for land unknown, never again to visit the kingdom he founded. By the Abyzinian Reckoning, that was 8,127 years ago.
Compared to what the stories say about Drindria and Elothia, the Abyzinians have been a peaceful people throughout the kingdom’s long existence, more interested in trade than the glories and plunder of war. Perhaps this lack of martial spirit allowed them to survive while the other two empires fell into oblivion. The histories do tell of minor battles fought at sea the the Drindrish- heroic tales with the Abyzinian sorcerer- nobles from the legendary Cult of the Black Sigil standing in the prows of ships, using their magics to guard them from the ravages of dragon-riders – but for the most part the history of Abyzinia is one of peace, marked by bloody civil wars of succession and small uprisings from among the large slave population.

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Abyzinia History

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