Abyzinian Land

The Land

Abyzinia stretches across the southern shore of Pelosa from the grasslands of the Endless Savannah to the Ylsythen Jungles in the east. Its most ancient documents claim an area almost twice as large as most mapmakers show the kingdom. Most of “greater Abyzinia” is the Ylsythen Jungles (a deep and impenetrable area of high-grown trees and chocking underbrush filled with dangerous animals which no man or kingdom could truly claim to rule), and the Nightlurk Mountains, where the People of the night live.

The cities of Abyzinia are elegant beyond human ability to craft – many of them come before the world’s death rattle when the Abyzinians had recourse to magic. The palaces are open and airy, because Abyzinia is even hotter than Elweir, and wide eaves shield broad windows from the frequent rainfalls. Impossibly high towers mark most of the cities; wide balconies run all up and down their length, and these serve as the homes for the wealthiest of the mobility. Most of the buildings are made of Ebony wood, hardened so they say via magic and decorated with carved flowers and vines. The rooms are sparsely furnished with floors covered in elegant rugs and walls hung with tapestries.

The people of Abyzinia are a handsome race. Tall and slender, they have dark eyes, dark hair usually worn short, and skin tones ranging from deep brown to purplish-black.

The Endless Savannah
The Nightlurk Mountains
The Ylsythen Jungles
The Coastal Cities

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Abyzinian Land

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