The Final Lord and Dweller After Death, Aides is the god of the dead and the underworld. Pythos shaped Aides from his lungs. Aides was once the Beloved of Man and Dweller in the Sun, but when the first man and woman died, proving they were only mortal, Aides threw himself on their pyre and died also.

He did this so that he might accompany the spirits of the first man and woman into the underworld, the hellish Neither Realms, and protect them from the demons that would otherwise torment them forever more.

Since then, he has continued to perform this service to mankind … or at least, so the priests claim. Whether Aides has also departed with his divine brethren is a matter of much concern, even among the faithful, for if he has left his place in the Nether Realms then the souls of men and women are at the mercy of demons.

Statues of Aides depict a man in elegant robes holding his hands over his face and tearful eyes. Behind his head is fixed a golden disk to remind the faithful what Aides gave up to protect his beloved mortals in the afterlife.

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