Allowed templates

Cultural Templates

City folks, Criminal, Nomad, Seafaring, Trader, and Warrior templates are allowed

Environment/Ancestry Templates

None of these templates are allowed

Professional Templates

Priest Templates
Rogue Template

All of these templates are valid in Valdorian Age campaign.
The Bard template does require a special note. A bard can only start out with 15 points of Bardic Magic and all magic must come from the Song Magic group

Paladin Template

The Paladin can only have 15 points in Paladin powers to start with. They also must take both the Paladin warhorse and faith options.

Ranger Template

Because there are so few monsters in Valdorian both the Humaniod & Monster Hunter options are not appropriate.

Wizard Template

The three templates described in the book are appropriate, Wizard, Alchemist, and Witch and can be used in the campaign.

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Allowed templates

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