Amyklai History

Barbarian attack 1smallSince time immemorial, the barbarians of the Crumble had ravaged the town of Amyklai. Every winter the barbarians came across the ice to steal food and women while killing the men and children, wherever they found them. During the calamities that followed Valdor’s death, the winter didn’t end with the spring – instead it went on and on, and the populace feared it would never end.

Barbarian attack 2Adding to their fear was the fact that the barbarians continued to raid as long as winter went on, unlike in the past when they would return to the Crumble as the weather warmed. The towns and villages banded together to protect themselves from the barbarians who came further and further north with each passing month, and this lead to the establishment of Amyklai.

The truce named over a hundred wide flung towns and villages who agreed to donate every fourth child born in their community, whether man or woman, to an army called the Amyklai (“band of defenders”). This army would become a society within the larger society. It would be self-sustaining because it would raise and hunt food during the warm months. When the winter came it would stand against the barbarians shielding the communities in the name of the truce.

Amyklai battle scene 3The children given to the Amyklai were trained in the arts of war from their earliest days – even the games they played would emphasize martial skills. They had no family but the Amyklai. Any child who did not find a place in the army by his eighth year, whether because of lack of discipline or physical skills, was expelled and allowed to return to his home village. After several generations passed, the Amyklai became a fixture of the region, and every year stood brave and unyielding before the barbarian raiders.

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Amyklai History

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