Amyklai Land

The land of the Amyklai is harsh, for it occupies the frigid lands between the foothills of The Cold Peaks and the flat icy wastes of the furthest south. Winters are long, with snowfall for five or six months of the year, and drifts blown by cold winds that can reach as high as a man’s head. The growing season is very short; the inhabitants grow winter wheat, potatoes, and other hardy crops. Most food comes from hunting; the Amyklai preserve the meat with salt gathered from the eastern coast. Most families live in sod homes and the villages and towns have a communal steam lodge made of wood.

Amyklai fort 1smallThe members of the army inhabit a long line of wooden forts standing behind high palisades that run from east to west, between the southern most village and the Crumble. These forts form the first line of defense against the barbarians, and they force the barbarians to break up into smaller groups to sneak by the warriors who always stand guard. Scouting parties travel constantly between the forts, looking for tracks of barbarians (even in the summer). When they see tracks, they hunt the barbarians until either they locate them, or they pass out of Amyklai into lands further north.

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Amyklai Land

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