Blindman's Book Shop

As the name implies, the proprietor of the Blindman’s Book Shop is a blind man; his name is Yully. He purchases books not based on the subject matter, quality, or any other sensible basis, but on the thickness – he pays four coin per inch and charges three times that. Typically he makes his purchases from the Port Authority or the Royal Exchequer after they confiscate a captain’s ship and can find no other buyer for the books. He also buys books from thieves who steal them but cannot read them.

Blindmans book store
Yully‘s narrow shop is crammed from floor to ceiling with shelves holding books. As one might guess given his malady, the tomes, logs, folios, and volumes are in no order whatsoever. Sometimes, lost among all the worthless books, are captain’s logs holding valuable maps of far-off places and soundings of rarely visited waterways, or tomes in foreign languages that might hold secrets and other esoterica. Because of this, some sea captains make a habit of perusing the store’s stock whenever they’re in Elweir. The shop is also a good place for students at the academy in Uphill East to buy inexpensive books they can use in their studies.



- 4 cp per inch

For sale

– 12 cp per inch

Blindman's Book Shop

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