Caravan's Rest

The Princes Roads runs through the middle of Uphill West. At its end is a broad, rectangular square. Long wooden buildings line three sides of the square; the fourth is open with a long road of packed earth running as far as the eye can see. The east building on the square houses the Caravan Authority’s clerks. The buildings to the north and south provide stables for horses, and just beyond there are inns that cater mostly to merchants and their men.

While most goods come into Elweir via the rivers, caravans of horse-drawn carts come to the city from the southernmost portions of Valdoria (particularly the Duchy of Romnal. The most important good coming overland is ore – silver and iron mined in the Oceanshore Mountains.

Like Port Authority, the Prince’s Caravan Authority keeps track of the comings and goings of merchants and traders, and taxes caravan goods sold. Because many of the merchants are law-abiding Valdorians, they’re always forthright about how much coin they sell their goods for, and though they’re assigned assessors just like ship captains, there’s rarely any spying and sneaking about going on. The Caravan Authority also runs a large stable that’s one of the few places in Elweir where people can purchase horses.

The road from Caravan’s Rest leads directly into the Duchy of Romnal. Visible from Elweir is a wooden palisade that houses a contingent of Duke Lothar Coeur‘s soldiers. These soldiers are under the command of Sir Gimli Mond who’s a frequent guest of Uphill West’s chief magistrate Lysen Copperwait.

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Caravan's Rest

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