Carrion Worm

Carrion Worm

Carrion worm


Height: 3.25 m
Weight: 300.00 kg
Description: The carrion worm is a gigantic worm, usually about ten feet long and proportionately thick in cross-section. It has a lamprey-like mouth filled with sharp teeth that it uses to dig into its food and prey.


Carrion worms are vicious fighters who use their large, sharp teeth to inflict deadly wounds. But they have several other advantages in combat besides just their fangs.

First, they can act without restriction in pitch black underground environments. While they see poorly, their other senses work well, and they even have the ability to perceive vibrations in the rock.

Second, due to their diet and biology, carrion worms emit a foul stench that often weakens their foes.

Third, carrion worms are surprisingly fast, they can outpace a running man. In combat a worm can make a lunge.

Forth, a favorite tactic is to perform a Grab by wrapping its body around a target, then biting the helpless victim.

Carrion worms prefer to attack from surprise, if possible. They sometimes use their ability to climb sheer walls to get above their prey and drop on it.

  • If carefully prepared the hide can be turned into very tough armor
  • Teeth are valuable
  • The acid from the stomach is also valuable

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Carrion Worm

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