Carry n' Crawler

Originally a large residence in Uphill West, the Carry n’ Crawler is a tavern and inn. There are a number of unique features at the Carry n’ Crawler including a ‘head’ of a Carrion Crawler mounted on one of the walls. Rumor is that the proprietors of the Carry n’ Crawler killed the beast in the basement of the the day they were deciding whether or not to rent the location. Many people in Uphill West believe the head is a fake. But in either case it makes for an interesting piece of decor.

The bartender is Kae Nyseen, who is very observant but can be a bit moody. His wife is Yvette Nyseen is the cook at Carry n’ Crawler. She makes a spicy stew, usually made with fish but sometimes with either chicken or rabbit. They have a 10 year old son named Ardel Nyseen who is friendly and easy going.

About once a week there is a show put on by a local entertainer and priestess named Aliella Gyneth. She leads the crowd in bawdy songs, funny stories, juggling and occasionally does healing (for a price). Ardel Nyseen seems to be her assistant and goes through the crowd a couple times during the show to collection ‘donations’.


Carrioncrawlerbasement sm

1st Floor

Carrioncrawler1stfloor sm

2nd Floor

Carrioncrawler2ndfloor sm

3rd Floor

Carrioncrawler3rdfloor sm

Carry n' Crawler

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