County of Reswick

Ruler : Count Valdemar Nomme
Capital : Gullperch Castle
Languages : Valdorian
Resources : Fishing and pearls
Arms/Symbols : A gull

Standing on the shore of The Smoldering Sea and bordering the Barony of Sacre and the Duchy of Elan, Reswick is The Frontier province furthest from the Duchy of Romnal and the least concerned about Duke Lothar Coeur’s ambitions. A small, quiet place, its main source of wealth are pearls that divers fetch from the sea bed not too far from shore.

It also serves as an important port on the sea because it’s the furthest east a trireme sailing from The Heartland or The Middlemarch can reach (although with Barony of Sacre‘s spread southwards along The Smoldering Sea , this probably won’t be true in a few years).

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County of Reswick

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