County of Sincerre

Ruler : Count Wolin Toulande
Capital : Curledhorn Castle
Resources : Iron ore, farming, fishing
Arms/Symbols : A ram

Slightly larger than County of Norland, but far wealthier thanks to the iron ore mines in a spur of the Oceanshore Mountains that form the County’s western border, Count Wolin Toulande has less to fear from Duke Lothar Coeur than Count Wolfling Nor … but not that much less.

But Count Wolin Toulande worries more about Duke Lothar Coeur‘s ambitions than his neighbor, and has cursed the day one of his hot-headed young nobes killed Count Wolfling Nor’s knight. A proud man, Count Wolin Toulande refuse to make the apologies Count Wolfling Nor demands to even consider his proposals.)

One reason for Count Wolin Toulande‘s increased concern about Duke Lothar Coeur intentions is that Fortrain, the largest city in the County was once an independent city-state. Some of Fortrain’s residents remember the days before Erich the Last Warmaker’s coming and those long past days grow more grand and pleasant with each passing year.

Another important town in County of Sincerre is Worm Haven.

A lesser known location in County of Sincerre is Hermitage of the Deep. Hermitage of the Deep is known as a place where those who are either deeply spiritual, troubled, or curious go to help find their way.

County of Sincerre

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