The crumble 1If the lands of the Amyklai are harsh, the Crumble is even more severe – it’s almost impossible to believe that men inhabit the area. But live there they do. No matter how many barbarians the army of Amyklai kills in one winter, their numbers seem replenished the next.

The crumble 3During the summer, narrow straits of ice crusted water separate the small islands of the Crumble, and the barbarians pitch their camps on whatever island they ended up on when the ice broke. They hunt seal, caribou and other animals for the duration of the warm seasons. When the freeze begins again, the ice grows thick enough for the barbarians and their sledges to cross, and the Crumble becomes a single icy land. Then the barbarians follow the caribou to the north – where they come upon the villages of the Amyklai and decided killing men and stealing food is easier than hunting.

Polar bear 1The barbarians are capable of primitive blacksmithing. They wield large axes and primitive swords with curved tips designed only for hacking. They wear thick hides and pelts which serve both to keep them warm and as protection from weapons. The sledges of the barbarians are made of bone and wood, and a single white furred bear pulls each sledge. No one knows how the barbarians tame these bears, who are fiercely protective of their owners.

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