Cynthian History

Elothian city
The Cynthian Riders claim to be the direct descendants of Elothia, and further claim they’re the rightful rulers of that lost empire. How long ago that was, their storytellers cannot say; they only shrug and say, “In the seasons before my grandfather’s grandfather rode the plains.” The Cynthians have no calendar-a man lives a number of winters, usually between fifty and sixty, and then dies. The Cynthians do not obsess over the march of time and care little about history.

However long ago it was, their goddess, Cynthia, ordered them to tear down the cities and towns of the plains and take to a nomadic life. The spreading of mankind’s communities was like a pox on her flesh, and she wished to cure this ailment that disfigured her beauty. Without questioning her command, the riders did as she ordered and have lived as nomads ever since-or at least, so they tell outsiders.

As for what happened to the rest of Elothia (for the empire supposedly spread far beyond the Cynthian Plains), the old storytellers of the nomads have no answer. What matter to them what happens in the world outside Cynthia’s embrace?

The histories of the lands along the Serpentine record times when tribes of Cynthians gathered and rode out of the plains, razing and destroying everything in their path like some plague of locusts. On those past occasions, the riders claim they did as they were commanded by Cynthia. No such horde of Cynthians has left the plains in the last century; the last recorded ride was an attack on Three Fingers 106 years ago. There were some raids of vengeance against the Bandit Lords in Cavren’s Demise within the first few decades of their rise, but the Bandit Lords quickly learned to leave the Cynthians alone.


The Cynthian Plains Today

Cynthian rider 1One day on the plains is the same as the next, and the same as it was a year ago. Such has been the life of the riders for time out of mind. Divided into tribes of fifty to a hundred (including both men and women), they wander the plains, migrating north during the winter and returning south during the summer. With them travel their herds of horses and cattle-hairy, long-horned bovines with gawky limbs that outsiders call shaggy cows. And they still kill any outsider who leaves the sight of the eastern bank of the Serpentine and attempts to travel across the plains, just as they have for countless centuries.

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Cynthian History

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