Though the Drindrish rules all of Valdoria at one time and called their empire Drindria, their homeland and the capital of their empire was on a large island southwest of The Heartland of Valdoria just across the Strait of Tears. To this day, men call this island Drindria … and stay far from it.

On this island are the Heavenspire Mountains where Valdor worked as a slave and organized his successful uprising.

Drindrish tower viewAlso here are the Towers of the First and Last Sunset, reputedly the first city of Drindrish, so called because from here the sorcerers of the inhuman race witnessed the first sunset at the beginning of time … and when the world comes to a final end, the last sorcerers will stand here to witness the final sunset.

The histories of Valdoria give no reason why Valdor never conquered the land. In fact they gloss over his departure from Drindria entirely – in one passage he incites his fellow miners to rise up against the Drindrish, and the history then tells of that glorious battle. It picks up again with Valdor and his ragtag army making landfall on what would later become The Heartland’s southern coast .

Ruins dridrish 3What the histories do say is that six hundred years ago Emperor Yorick, the Mourned tried to conquer Drindria during his Tour. His armies stormed its northern coast and then attempted to traverse the unnaturally high peaks to reach the Towers of the First and Last Sunset, which he planned to pull down stone by stone until nothing remained to mark the passing of the Drindrish. Yorick lost his young life in that quest, along with more than half of his army, and the remainder fled the island.

Most veterans of the attack refuse to speak of their experiences. They would only shiver and walk away from whoever asked the question. Those who would talk answered that many of the men simply died from exposure – the peaks were impossibly cold, as if some spirit of ice were set to guard the Towers of the First and Last Sunset. Those who returned from Drindria filled with madness raved about terrible monsters –
Orc trooper army
everything from six legged wolverines the size of a man that traveled in packs,
Ice dragonto legless dragons that tunneled through ice and seemed to know where the men made camp and when the guard slept,

to the ghosts of the Drindrish that blinded men’s eyes with their magics and forced them to march off cliffs, one right after the other, as if they couldn’t hear the screams of their fellows.
Drindrish ghost 1

Whatever the truth of these stories, all Valdorians know to avoid the island of Drindria.


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