Drunkard's Rest

Drunkard’s Rest gets its name from the drunks found sleeping in the street every morning. Up and down the street are taverns – more taverns than any neighborhood needs, let alone a single street. All of them are the same, only varying in size: a large open space on the first story filled with tables made of flat square boards set on empty kegs, and around them are kegs cut in half which serve as chairs. A bar made from a plank set atop stacked casks stands against the wall opposite the entrance.

Upstairs from the tavern are sleeping quarters for the barkeep and sometimes the serving wenches. A barkeep lets a person sleep on the floor of the tavern for a bit or two; most, however, drink all their coin and find themselves thrown out on the street to sleep it off.

The gang claiming much of Drunkard’s Rest as their territory is the Cupbearers. Each member wears a small cup hung from a string tied around their neck. The symbol also doubles as a mug to drink ale from. They make coin acting as bouncers for taverns and stealing whatever money a drunkard has after he leaves a tavern.

Taverns along Drunkard’s Rest

The Beaten Mug
The Buxom Balladeer
The Copper Coins
Erebos’ Temple
The Fallow Field
The Oliphant
The Reveling Rat
The Valdorian’s

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Drunkard's Rest

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