Eleven Princes


: This song lists the last ten princes plus the current prince of Elweir. The list spans the last 300 years.

Symkin was a simpleton,
Who liked to sail the lake.
And Finch died a fish,
Who drowned in the Snake.

Blote was a sot,
Who drank till tin was silver.
And Dutton was a glutton,
Who somehow lost his liver.

Dovlyn was a love,
Who died in bed (y’know how)
And Hasherd was a bastard,
Who never found his cow.

Granger was a stranger,
Who made a good marriage.
And Forlyn was a lazy man,
Who insisted on a carriage.

Mehki was no soldier,
Who can guess where he now lay?
And Fife was a mark,
To the bandits he paid and paid.

Summerset’s a bonny lad,
Our favorite Prince for now.
But he sold us down the river,
Gave away poor Elweir town.

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Eleven Princes

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