Elweir Climate

Elweir is hot and humid nearly all year around. Snowfall is exceedingly rare, maybe one or two days of flurries during the depths of winter over the course of a decade, and never any accumulations.

Elweir raining 2Rain, however is common. During the Spring and early part of the Summer, the rain falls in sheets blown by high winds and gales strong enough to tear shutters and shingles from the buildings. In the neighborhoods nearest the rivers, the cobbled streets often flood, with standing water reaching ankle high. The streets of hard packed dirt, especially the ones in Lowtown, turn to sucking mud.

For the remainder of the Summer, once the rains have stopped, it becomes unbearably hot and humid, making all people long for the rains to return. On these days a brief rain in the mid-afternoon is common but this rain never cools off the city – it only serves to make it more humid.

During the Autumn and Winter, it drizzles and mists. Even on days when it doesn’t rain, mists rise from the The Serpentine River (Elweir City)and The Worm River (Elweir City) during the early morning hours and evening hours and envelope Lowtown and other neighborhoods on the river in a dense, chocking haze.

Temperatures in Elweir

Season ………. Temperature Range
Winter …………… 55-70 F
Spring ……………. 65-80 F
Summer ………….. 80-95 F
Autumn ………….. 65-80 F

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Elweir Climate

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