Elweir Cost of Living

The cost of living in Elweir are based on a number of factors but mostly by where someone lives. And how well they decide to live.

The following information is applicable for those people who live in an inn, get their meals at the inn, and have a horse which needs to be stabled and feed. This assumes a single ordinary room at an inn, three simple meals a day, six low cost drinks a day, feed and stabling for one horse.

Prices are in silver pieces and most inn and tavern owners expect payment in advance.

District Daily Cost of Living Monthly Cost of Living
The Canals N/A N/A
Gibberish 13 390
[[Gold’s Reside]] N/A N/A
Lowtown 5.4 162
[[Snake’s Den]] 13 390
Uphill East 14 420
Uphill West 14 420
[[Worm’s Hole]] 14 420
Foreign Quarter ? ?

In some districts it might be impossible to find an ordinary room and people are often forced into more expensive rooms.

Most residents in each district are typically living on half of what these living costs are. This is because they are either living in a slum lord apartment (Lowtown) or have a lease from Prince Summerset which is paid yearly at a lower rate. Often shopkeepers live above their shops which cuts down on expenses as well. And lastly most residents prepare their own meals which is significantly cheaper than buying meals at a tavern/inn.

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Elweir Cost of Living

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