The Dark of the Moon and Temptress at the Crossroads, Endoia is the goddess of knowledge and night. Pythos shaped Endoia from his entrails.

The Old Gods, except for Endoia, embody both weal and woe for man, but Endoia seems wholly threatening; few, if any, are comfortable with her worship.

Endoia hides behind the moon, and when the moon is gone, she drifts through the dark night, stealing men’s secrets. She stands at the crossroads and tempts men with choices; and she fills men with dread about the future and makes them fearful of the outcome of their choice.

Statues depict Endoia as a woman with short hair in a topknot to reveal her four faces, one on each side of her head. She holds both hands out, but closed in fists, as if daring a man to pick one of her hands and see what fate she holds for him.

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